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Weird Wildlife

Chris Packham returns to examine the world’s freakiest phenomena in Nature’s Weirdest Events on BBC Two, Tuesday 31st December at 2000 GMT.

Find out how much attention you’ve paid to the weird wonders of nature in 2013 with our quick news quiz.

Chris Packham holds a raven

1.) Question 1

Which false widow species hit the headlines as “Britain’s most venomous spider” this year?

False widow spider

  1. Steatoda nobilis
  2. Steatoda bipunctata
  3. Steatoda grossa

5.) Question 5

A new species of hero shrew was described but is it true their name comes from a ‘special power’?

Hero shrew

  1. True
  2. False

7.) Question 8

Name this mammal which was ‘discovered’ among museum specimens:

New carnivore

  1. Olinguito
  2. Oblongata
  3. Oligopod

9.) Question 9

What species is this unusual two-headed snake photographed in North Yorkshire:

Two headed snake

  1. Grass snake
  2. Smooth snake
  3. Adder

10.) Question 10

Male koalas have high voices because of a special organ in their throat. True or false?

Koala calling

  1. True
  2. False

Your Score

0 – 3 : Normal newt

4 – 6 : Odd olinguito

7 – 10 : Weird whale shark!

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