Water mill to generate electricity

Part of water millHardwater Mill will generate electricity by the power of water

An ancient water mill in Northamptonshire will soon be generating power from the River Nene.

Work has begun on installing hydropower technology so that Hardwater Mill at Great Doddington, near Wellingborough can produce electricity.

It will soon generate enough electricity to power the mill and produce extra for the National Grid.

Several other mills on the same stretch of river are also looking at producing energy.

Andy and Anne Newman, owners of the grade 2 listed mill, said it has taken most of their savings and more than two-and-a-half years to achieve.

Mrs Newman said: “We’re quite green people, we’re into recycling and we have an air source heat pump and that sort of thing, and this power rushing under the building all the time was something we felt we wanted to harness.

“We’re looking at this not only for ourselves, but our children and even their children because this will go on for years and produce power endlessly,” added Mr Newman.

The couple have set up the Nene Valley Hydro-electricity group involving 12 mill owners along the river.

One of them is Woodford Mill at Ringstead where the original water wheel has been restored to power a tea room, holiday lets and a neighbouring marina.

Mr Clive Hodgson-Jones said; “It has always been an ambition of mine to get electricity from water. Even before I bought the mill it was something I’d always thought of and when I bought the mill it al came together as a really brilliant idea.”

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